Dangerous Goods

The dangerous goods traffic represents by themselves a risk if they are not well packed and handle; the safety demands and regulations in the air traffic of dangerous goods are very strict on the rulebooks of IATA air cargo that controls international air traffic.

There are regulations, limitation and restrictions in every connection country or in final destination when reference to dangerous goods, that´s why is very important before any air traffic operation check that each cargo should

Be handle with experience and right procedures

TecnoNafer Global Logistics SA de CV has an entire specify department that provides:

· Professional team with solid experiences in air traffic transportation in dangerous goods

· Specific assistances for every dangerous goods operation at all time

· Ensure all the regulations required for the flight

· Guarantee the best route and airline needed for each operation

In Tecnonafer Global Logistics SA de CV we take seriously our commitment to the safety of our clients, their cargo and the Airline